1. I wont treat you like your oh so @ashorland

  2. Wine tasting at the winery wedding location! The fun part of wedding planning

  3. Road trip. #poozins @ashorland

  4. Receipt cup in NYC. This one is for Ben.

  5. Finished three days of bar exams. #LIKEABOSS

  6. Poozins in her rain jacket. #fancy

  7. Can’t wait to see this girl. #riles

  8. TACOS!

  9. Love. Just missing Riley dog.

  10. Good weekend with this guy.

  11. A day late, but always delightful. #tastethefreedom

  12. Can’t believe I almost forgot to post this. #teamkopokopo #oldmandylan @kopokopoinc

  13. Made it to longonot. #teamkopokopo @kopokopoinc

  14. We’ll title this one the monet. #teamkopokopo @kopokopoinc

  15. Why yes. I would love to spend my whole evening in traffic.