1. Ben’s office in the back of a van from mombasa to watamu. #happybirthdaytome!

  2. Whyyyyyy? #2hourcommute

  3. Wednesday night chicken tenders. #thuglife

  4. CAKE

  5. Do my eyes deceive me?

  6. My love. Miss her. #riles

  7. Stacks on stacks on stacks.

  8. How did you know I love boozy coffee experiences, Dorman’s?

  9. Skills: can sleep on any surface at any time.

  10. Lake kivu. Is this real life?

  11. Paradise banking? Sold, Rwanda. Sold.

  12. Kigali is so pretty I can barely stand it.

  13. Why good evening nairobi. @bmlyon


  14. "However, to solve bigger problems, sometimes you need a longer horizon: a ten-year schedule for example, Levchin said. “At PayPal, we viewed the world in a four year horizon,” he said, “Because that is how the valley worked. Had we thought it as a 20-year old company, the whole thing would be different.” He believes that for some odd reason being a 10-to-15 year old technology company isn’t cool, but that thinking has to change in order to get bigger breakthroughs."
  15. I officially live in a frat house again. Xbox, sticky floors from spilled beer, bare walls with stark lightbulbs and ginormous television