1. Love. Just missing Riley dog.

  2. Good weekend with this guy.

  3. A day late, but always delightful. #tastethefreedom

  4. Can’t believe I almost forgot to post this. #teamkopokopo #oldmandylan @kopokopoinc

  5. Made it to longonot. #teamkopokopo @kopokopoinc

  6. We’ll title this one the monet. #teamkopokopo @kopokopoinc

  7. Why yes. I would love to spend my whole evening in traffic.

  8. Finishing off a wonderful day with my love

  9. You and I are not friends, windows 8. But I like your font.

  10. This adorableness is actually happening right now.

  11. Inside the crater

  12. Rift valley via longonot.

  13. Nairobi

  14. Passed out.

  15. Largest red snapper I’ve ever seen