1. So many thank yous to Tom and Alicia for making their home feel like our own for the past week <3

  2. Sunday morning cartoons with these two. #shorlyonUSA

  3. Puppy therapy. #shorlyonUSA

  4. Breakfast burritos taste like freedom. #shorlyonUSA

  5. MURICA.

  6. Little dude ready to race. #malcolm #wecallhimx

  7. Cat hat.

  8. The struggle is real. #sighrobi

  10. I think this is defined as a latergram.

  11. No wonder Australians are so happy.

  12. A @bmlyon splashing in the sunset. Thanks for the free wifi Abu Dhabi.

  13. Take me back to burgers with beets!

  14. Last sunrise (at Nusa Dua,bali)

  15. Here’s to a life of adventure, Love.