1. 3 yrs later packing for a very different kind of trip. #bittersweet


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  3. What an amazing whirlwind trip through the states! Back to nbo we go.

  4. Just a copter on the highway.

  5. You’re alright, Seattle.

  6. Home for the next two nights thanks to accidentally booking a hotel for 2015. Not such a bad mistake.

  7. Thank you to Scott and Debbie for everything. Especially the food and booze. Next stop: Madison WI with more of the Lyons! breezy1482

  8. That’s miss tot to you. #tatortot

  9. I think it’s love 😍

  10. Aloha camp store donuts. Taste tested and Ben approved for wedding dessert #1. #shorlyonUSA

  11. "Watergate does not bother me. Does your conscious bother you?!? TELL THE TRUTH" #scottjamsesh

  12. Hunter is on vacation and will have limited access to email.


  14. Da fam.

  15. About as 90s as you can get. Happy 47th birthday to @ashorland. Best sister.