1. Spotted in @kalanshoots apt. I will affectionately call him elvis.

  2. YAS

  3. In honor of my dads birthday we hiked and found this.

  4. You’re alright, Saturday morning. You’re alright.

  5. Moving halfway around the world? Really freaking expensive. Rediscovering the joys of having anything you could ever want in one single store? Priceless. #target @target

  6. oh hai new Seattle home :-)

  7. Canvas and leather transplanted to Seattle.

  8. I am so full of grace for everything Kenya gave me. Shine on, dear friends. Shine on.

  9. Giraffes with breakfast.

  10. Oh hi.

  11. Hello samburu! #lastminutesafari

  12. That time Ben and I hung out with this little nugget.

  13. If this had old bay on it, I would be weeping with joy and patenting shrimp bouquets. @sttung @megura100 #noodlesunday

  14. Shrimp centipedes as made by @megura100 on behalf of @sttung #noodlesunday

  15. Raw chicken skewers since @sttung isn’t here to Instagram them herself. #noodlesunday