1. Toasting to the very special day the @megura100 was born (EST). She has been to some of the darkest and brightest corners of the world with us and we wouldn’t have been able to handle some of the events of the past year without her love and friendship. Thanks for being the glue. We can’t wait to move you in to your future Boston apartment. Sky big.

  2. Not a bad morning.

  3. Dance floor - ✔️ #shorlyon2015

  4. Feeling homesick for Nairobi? Worry not. Urban free range chicken farming is a thing. #seattle

  5. Trying to soak up all the sun I can before we part ways.

  6. From product manager to making crêpe cakes…

  7. Crêpe cake: take 1

  8. Spotted in @kalanshoots apt. I will affectionately call him elvis.

  9. YAS

  10. In honor of my dads birthday we hiked and found this.

  11. You’re alright, Saturday morning. You’re alright.

  12. Moving halfway around the world? Really freaking expensive. Rediscovering the joys of having anything you could ever want in one single store? Priceless. #target @target

  13. oh hai new Seattle home :-)

  14. Canvas and leather transplanted to Seattle.

  15. I am so full of grace for everything Kenya gave me. Shine on, dear friends. Shine on.